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Servers : UNIX

The Mother of all Operating Systems!

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>Server Hardware

* The UNIX Reference Desk
by The Geek Girl!
* The Expect Home Page
Home page for Expect resources on the web.
Expect is one of those undiscovered gems of the UNIX world, providing a great system to reliably automate those tedious and repetative tasks in life!
* The Expect FAQ
The Frequently Asked Questions listing for Expect.
* zlib home page
The zlib general-purpose compression library for creating .zip files (as used in the Java JDK)
* User Level Threads
Some frequently asked questions about Solaris threads and lightweight processes.
* Unix Guru Universe
Loads of UNIX links and information.
* Introduction to Motif Application Development
A simple tutorial on how to write windowed applications using Motif and the C programming language on UNIX.
* File Sharing for a Laboratory Network
The Design and Implementation of File Sharing on UNIX for a Laboratory Network, including the propagation of password files.
* Tutorial: Network Information Services Plus (NIS+)
A tutorial from UNIX World magazine on how Sunsoft's naming service helps deal with managing large networks of NIS-compliant systems.
* Sys Admin magazine
The journal for UNIX system administrators.
* Unix System Administration Independent Learning
The USAIL project is both an independent study course for prospective system administrators and a reference resource. Topics include Understanding Unix Concepts, Installing the Operating System, Unix Workstation Administration Tasks, Integrating Your Machine With the Network, Configuring and Administrating Mail, Administrating Peripherals, Backups, Automating Tasks, Administrating Software and Monitoring Performance. Very useful for all SA's!
* Book: Managing NFS and NIS
For system administrators who need to set up or manage a network file system installation, this is a very practical book devoted entirely to NFS (Network Filesystem) and NIS (Network Information System).
Buy it TODAY from Amazon Worldwide/U.S.A. or U.K.
* Unix 101: Grasping the vi editor
A SunWorld article giving a reference guide to some basic, yet crucial vi commands needed for quick document navigation.
* vi - text editing
An introductory guide to the vi text editor.
* A vi tutorial
A UnixWorld tutorial on the vi/ex text editor.
* The Unix Secure Programming FAQ
Tips on security design principles, programming methods, and testing. A quick guide of must-do secure programming techniques along with advice on methods to avoid.
* Designing secure software
A methodology for avoiding the security holes that drive you mad in other people's software [;-^]
* GNU Emacs Reference Card
Command summary and reference card for emacs version 19.
* CfgTie
CfgTie is a package of Perl modules and tools to make it easier to configure and maintain Unix computers. This is a set of tools that make many of the various configuration subsystem in your machine appear to be Perl variables of some sort - usually as hash arrays, but providing object nethods where appropriate.
Areas covered include mail aliases, passwd/group files, TCP/IP port and protocol allocations, and named/DNS settings.

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