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Servers : Windows NT

See Also:
^Server Operating Systems
>DCOM - Distributed Component Object Model
>IIS - Microsoft Internet Information Server

* Microsoft's NT Workstation Home Page
* Microsoft's NT Workstation Technical FAQs Page
* Microsoft's NT Server Home Page
* Microsoft NT Server Datasheet and Specifications
* Microsoft's NT Server Hot News Page
* How to Create an Internet Site with Windows NT
* Internet Resources for Windows NT
A pointer to Internet applications, documents and resources that are available for Windows NT and Windows 95. Some are time limited demo and trial versions, but others are Freeware and Shareware.
NT Info - a Windows NT FAQ maintained by John Saville.
* Porting from UNIX to NT
A FAQ contains a list of Frequently Asked Questions about how to port UNIX applications to Microsoft's Windows NT.
* Microsoft BackOffice Home Page
The Home Page for Microsoft's BackOffice range of server products.
* DCE pthreads versus NT Threads
Experiences porting a C++ class library to Windows NT.
* Securing Windows NT Installation
This white paper talks about various security issues with respect to configuring all Windows NT version 4.0 operating system products for a highly secure computing environment. Direct access, or try the TOC
* Microsoft Small Business Server Home Page
A packaged server solution from Microsoft including facilities to share files and printers, run business critical applications, email and scheduling, and provide Internet and communications services - including web, remote access and fax.
* Win32 Programming Features for Windows NT and Windows 95
Describes several of the features of the Win32 API useful for build high-end 32-bit applications.
* Will Windows NT develop into a super-OS or an unmanageable disaster?
An interesting technical article from NCWorld analysing Microsoft's attempts to evolve Windows NT into a scaleable high-end enterprise operating system. Coming particularly from the point of view of thin-clients and terminal-based computing, the conclusion is that NT has some problems ahead dealing with per-user contexts and making the system and applications work multi-user.
Read it and see whether you agree with the conclusions!
* Bug Net
BugNet tracks PC software bugs and fixes.
* Windows NT Tips, Registry Hacks, and More.........
How-to notes on Windows NT Tricks, Tips, and Configuration options via the Registry. New items are added regularly, although most are only available by paying a small one-time subscription charge.
* WinNT 4.0 File Name Completion
A classic tip on how to get the Windows NT command shell to to filename completion when the TAB key is pressed (just like the bash shell on Linux!)
* Book: Windows NT Shell Scripting
A complete reference for Windows NT scripting, with numerous examples of how to do some extremely complex and practical tasks using the NT shell. A MUST have for NT system administrators!
Buy it TODAY from Amazon Worldwide/U.S.A. or U.K.
* Basic class for using the Microsoft Task Scheduler
A CScheduledTask class by Michael Dunn to help you create very simple tasks using the Microsoft scheduler for IE 4, IE 5, Win 98, and NT 5.
* Alarming user when an open file has been changed by another application
Some Windows C++ demo code to detect when a file on disk is changed by another application. Also shows how to flash the icon in the taskbar until the user activate the alarm dialog.
* A class for worker threads
A Visual C++ wrapper class for worker thread handling in the MFC environment.
* Win32 Error Codes
The list of Win32 error codes for Windows NT.
* Fictional Daemon
Fictional Daemon is a Telnet Daemon for Windows95/98 and WindowsNT 4.0 With this server program you can remotely control and administer you machine - reboot/shutdown, manage the machine by console, schedule commands, kill programs, start programs, chat with other users of the machine, execute and capture output of console programs.
FREE for personal use and non-commercial/govermental users !
* The Windows NT 4.0 Boot Process
A brief explanation of the boot process on an x-86 based computer running Windows NT.
* NT Service Manager
A simple NT Service Manager utility, complete with C++ source code. Also includes example source code to work out if a user is an NT Administrator.
* Book: Windows Script Host Programmer's Reference
While Unix has always offered batch processing, only recently have Windows users gotten robust scripting capabilities of their own, thanks to the arrival of the Windows Script Host (WSH). Dino Esposito, author of the new "Windows Script Host Programmer's Reference," writes, "With this book you'll learn what the Windows Script Host can do, discover how to get the most out of its object model, and have a reference that you can come back to later on." This informative and example-driven text shows the rich range of options that WSH provides. It gives you everything you need to simplify your computing life with WSH scripting.
Buy it TODAY from Amazon Worldwide/U.S.A. or U.K.
* Windows 2000 Planning and Deployment Site
Microsoft's guidelines and advise on preparing for installing and deploying the Windows 2000 operating system.

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