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Servers : Web Servers

More detailed coverage of Network + System Security and SSL - Secure Sockets Layer is in the Networking pages.
 - The most widely used web server on the Internet.
>NCSA httpd
>IIS - Microsoft Internet Information Server
 - Microsoft's web and application server for Windows.
>Network and Server Security
>SSL - Secure Sockets Layer
>Web Site Indexing and Searching
 - Technology and systems for indexing web sites and page contents.
>Miscellaneous Web Servers documents

See Also:
>Internet Communications
>Network and Server Security
>SSL - Secure Sockets Layer

* Preparing your Web Server for a siege
Some practical steps to take with your web server when you expect the imminent arrival of a large increase in traffic, such as the high profile launch of a new web site.
* How to Set up a Secure Web Server
A step-by-step guide by Alex Tang to setting up a Secure web server using SSL.
* The Neverending Saga of Deploying a Free SSL Compliant Web Server
Alex Tang's story of the problems he faced setting up a Secure web server using SSL. Some bits are just history now, as the process has become considerable easier now, but an interesting read none the lass.
* SSLeay FAQ
A free implementation of Netscape's SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) as used in the Apache-SSL module. Also includes lots of links to other SSL reference documents and details of Certificate Authorities.
* Analog Home Page
Analog - a free WWW server logfile analysis program in widespread use.
* The World Wide Web Security FAQ
Maintained by Lincoln D. Stein. Attempts to answer some of the most frequently asked questions relating to the security implications of running a Web server. There is also a short section on Web security from the browser's perspective.
* Netscape NSAPI Code Samples
* Sizing up your Web server
Some notes on capacity planning for Web servers from the SunWorldOnline magazine.
* Measuring Web server performance
Approaches to measuring Web server performance, including the pluses and minuses of benchmarking and suggestions for making your Web server run more effectively.
* A Model of Web Server Performance
A paper by Louis P. Slothouber giving a general theoretical framework for defining web site performance, and deriving a theoretical upper bound on the serving capacity of Web servers. The effects of file size, server speed, and network bandwidth on response time are also investigated, and the relative merits of several methods of improving server performance are evaluated.
* Extended Log File Format
The w3c specification (working draft) of Extended Log File Format, as used in Microsoft IE4 CDF logging.
* Security checklist for Microsoft FrontPage server extensions
Some of the more common FrontPage security problems and how to identify and correct them.
* Book: WebMaster in a Nutshell
A superb desk-top quick reference book for all webmasters! Takes all the essential reference information for the Web and pulls it together into one handy volume. Covers HTML including Frames and Tables, Browser compatibility, Cookies, CGI, Server-side includes, JavaScript, Perl 5, HTTP, Server result codes, MIME types, and web server configuration of Apache, CERN, Netscape and WebSite.
Buy it TODAY from Amazon Worldwide/U.S.A. or U.K.
* Load Balancing Your Web Site
An article in WebTechniques magazine that explains how to use Apache to load balance an active site transparently across serveral different servers. One method is via a round-robin DNS, and another by using Apache as a front-end ("reverse proxy") to the actual servers. The latter method makes use of some advanced features in the rewrite and proxy modules.

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