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Students posting explicit content on OnlyFans to fund their education

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GRAPHIC: Kids expelled from Catholic school over mom selling adult photos

Student onlyfans catholic Sacramento Catholic

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Sacramento Catholic school removes students over mother's OnlyFans photos

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Children Expelled After School Finds Parent’s OnlyFans Account

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Student onlyfans catholic Children Expelled

Boys Kicked Out of Catholic School Over Mom’s Sexy Housewife OnlyFans Account

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Catholic School Expels Kids After Finding Out Their Mom Has an OnlyFans Account

OnlyFans model says Catholic school expelled her children over her racy photos

Crystal Jackson is a Sacramento mom of three young boys who all attended Sacred Heart Parish School.

  • Prosecutors said the Sipera had 'supervisory or disciplinary power' over the then-student and specified that the victim was over 16 when the incidents occurred.

  • At one point, the group sent anonymous envelopes including her explicit content to the diocese and school principal.

  • When these poor kids are forced into some crappy Sacramento school with no praying allowed, no dress code, no Bible studies, when they're being taught that religion is stupid, when the Almighty is not allowed on the premises, when the Ten Commandments are strictly verboten, but they can walk right down to the nurse's office and fill their pockets with condoms, that's on you.

GRAPHIC: Kids expelled from Catholic school over mom selling adult photos

But why has selling sex — either from behind a screen or in a hotel room — become so normalised? Vulnerable young women desperate for cash are even being by universities to take up all manner of forms of prostitution, including lap dancing, escorting, and making online videos.

  • Jackson says last summer a group of moms found her site and started a campaign to get her three kids kicked out of Sacred Heart Parish, a catholic elementary school.

  • Triece, who has been a member of OnlyFans for two years, said she has since received support from other parents at the school.

  • Crystal claims the groups of moms even went so far as to print all of her photos from OnlyFans and send them anonymously in a packet to the principal, bishop and church.