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Transaction Processing and Middleware

Information on the main Transaction Processing systems and Middleware products in widespread use.

Advanced Transaction Processing and Distributed Applications programming techniques.

>BEA Tuxedo
 - Formerly owned by AT&T, then Novell, and now BEA Systems! At least BEA seem to be serious about the product, and are moving it forward into the Internet-Age.
>IBM MQ-Series
 - IBM's message queueing product.
>MTS - Microsoft Transaction Server
 - Formally codenamed "Viper".
Microsoft's transaction processing monitor product for Windows NT Server.
>MSMQ - Microsoft Message Queue Server
 - Formally codenamed Falcon.
Microsoft's message queue product for Windows NT Server.
>Transarc Encina
>Digital ACMS
 - The ACMS (Application Control and Management System) transaction processing system is Digital's TP monitor that runs on the OpenVMS operating system.
>DCE - Distributed Computing Environment
>DCOM - Distributed Component Object Model
 - DCOM - Microsoft's Distributed Component Object Model Architecture
>TIB - Teknekron Information Bus
 - TIB - Teknekron Information Bus
>BQM - Business Quality Messaging
>Java-based Transaction Programming
>Other related TP documents

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