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TP and Middleware : DCE - Distributed Computing Environment

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DCE Home Page

* DCE - Distributed Computing Environment Home Page

DCE Product Description

* DCE Overview
An introduction to the Open Group's Distributed Computing Environment middleware environment.

Other DCE documents

* DCE White Papers, Case Studies, & other Literature
A listing of various DCE papers available on-line, although most of them are Postscript only.
* DCE Frequently Asked Questions
A technical FAQ listing on DCE maintained by Jon Mauney.
* DCE and web technology integration
A list of papers and specs on what the Open Group is doing on its DCE-Web project. This is where the Internet-Dial-Tone concept started.
* DCE-Web Project Home Page
* JADE (Java and DCE) Project Home Page
An Open Group project looking at giving Java application standard access to DCE services and facilities.
* JDCE - DCE-related Java classes
Some details of the jDCE product from Chisholm Technologies that has been adopted the the Open Group / OSF as their standard Java class library for accessing DCE facilities from Java applications.
* DCE-Perl
Open Source library modules in the CPAN archive providing an object-oriented interface to DCE (the Distributed Computing Environment) and DFS (Distributed File System) for access control lists and internals.
* DCE 1.1 Online Documentation
Online Transarc DCE documentation, includeing DCE administration and development guides and reference manuals.
* Introduction to OSF DCE
Online introduction to Transarc DCE, including Overview of DCE, DCE Configuration, DCE Threads, DCE Remote Procedure Call, DCE Directory Service, and DCE Distributed Time Service.
* Sample Programs for Gradient's PC-DCE
In addition to the Greet and Grade samples included with PC-DCE for NT/95, there are also additional versions using the Windows MFC classes.
The basic Grade sample is a STDIO-based security sample, demonstrating DCE use of pthreads, CDS naming, and authenticated RPC. An extended version offers some additional dialog features: The server program displays the pricipal name of the most recent caller, as well as the security level that the caller is using, The client program allows the user to choose the security level, and other options including credential refresh, check for available server status, CDS cache bypass, and principal and cell information. Additionally the client program prompt the user to login to DCE if it detects there are no valid DCE credentials.
The Authen sample demonstrates how to use several of the common security API's to perform the equivilent of dce login for the process, an account password change, and how to refresh a logins' credentials.
* Technical Notes for PC-DCE for Windows NT/95
* Critique of DCE
"10 Reasons why OSF DCE sucks" A programmer's viewpoint by Bruce Ediger.
* CU DCE newsgroup archive by date
Online archive of an old DCE mailing list at Colorado University, but still with some useful contents.
* Headline: Inprise Introduces DCE-Corba Bridge
Inprise introduces a DCE-CORBA Bridge product that will allow access to a distributed computing environment-based network from CORBA applications. The bridge technology is bi-directional, but its primary design is for enabling a CORBA network or Internet application to connect to legacy DCE applications.

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