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TP and Middleware : MTS - Microsoft Transaction Server

Formally codenamed "Viper".
Microsoft's transaction processing monitor product for Windows NT Server.

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MTS Home Page

* Microsoft Transaction Server Home Page
Microsoft Transaction Server - formally codenamed "Viper".

MTS Product Description

* Microsoft Transaction Server Overview
* Microsoft Transaction Services Features

Other MTS documents

* Employing Microsoft Transaction Server in Multitier Applications
Part 1 of an article by Chris Dellinger in the July 1997 issue of Microsoft's Interactive Developer magazine. Part 2 is in the August 1997 issue.
* How Microsoft Transaction Server Changes the COM Programming Model
MTS allows COM servers to easily support proper transactions handling, but only if they follow the transaction model programming rules.
* Comparing Microsoft Transaction Server to Enterprise JavaBeans
An article from Microsoft providing a comparison between Microsoft Transaction Server and Enterprise JavaBeans in terms of transactions support, managing state, controlling complexity, portability, interoperability, language choice and administration, among other topics.
* Microsoft Transaction Server White Pages
A set of 15 white papers in MS Word format available for download.

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