- TIB - Teknekron Information Bus

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TP and Middleware : TIB - Teknekron Information Bus

TIB - Teknekron Information Bus

See Also:
^Transaction Processing and Middleware

* TIBCO Home Page
Home page for TIB - "The Information Bus" - but which everyone knows by it's old name of Teknekron !
* TIB Enterprise Toolkit Whitepaper
Describes the Enterprise Toolkit - a set of software tools to provide a computing infrastructure for building enterprise-wide messaging systems.
* TIB/Rendezvous Whitepaper
TIB Rendezvous product for message-based publish and sunscribe systems. Describes subject-based routing, and the various messaging architectures possible, including example system applications where these may be necessary.
* TIB ETX Whitepaper
The Enterprise Transaction Express extends the TIB environment to provide transactional publication and consumption of messages, with all the usual ACID properties associated with Transaction Processing.
* TIB/ActiveEnterprise
TIB/ActiveEnterprise is described as "a globally-scalable, event-driven application integration framework". It adds message transformation, content dissemination, personalized information presentation, and connectors to the Web and legacy systems on top of the normal TIB publish/subscribe messaging systems.

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