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Web Development

Key reference documents, information and resources for the development of Internet / Web applications and web sites.
Includes topics on developing web pages, both static and dynamic.
>Key Web Reference Documents
>Web Page Production
>HTML Frames
>Dynamic Web Page Generation
 - The next big step in the generation of Internet content - Just-In-Time generation of web page contents using the most up-to-the minute information.
A concept being heavily promoted by Microsoft through it's Active Server Pages (ASP) system, although it is equally possible using CGI and Perl.
>PHP - Hypertext Preprocessor
 - PHP is a server-side scripting technology for building dynamic web pages.
>HTML - Hypertext Markup Language
>HTML Frames
>Dynamic HTML
>Images for the Internet
>VRML - Virtual Reality Modelling Language
>CGI - Common Gateway Interface (including Perl)
 - See below for Perl - the most frequently used language for CGI scripting.
>Perl Scripting Language
>XML - eXtensible Markup Language
 - The emerging standard way to store and structure application specific data in an easily machine-readable way, and which is frequently then rendered or formatted using XSL rules.
>Push Technology
>Other related Web development documents

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