- CGI - Common Gateway Interface (including Perl)

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Web Development : CGI - Common Gateway Interface (including Perl)

See below for Perl - the most frequently used language for CGI scripting.

See Also:
^Web Development
>Perl Scripting Language
>Dynamic Web Page Generation

* Common Gateway Interface spec
Description of the CGI interface specification.
* CGI.pm - a Perl5 CGI Library
Online documentation for the Perl CGI.pm module from the Perl CPAN library - now virtually the standard way of writing CGI scripts in perl.
* CGI using Perl
An extensive list of resources and information about using Perl to write CGI scripts. Includes CGI Programming guides and references, the CGI library module, Fast-CGI, SSL, scripts to handle file uploads using Netscape browsers.
* CGI Tutorial: Start
* GD - A Graphics Library for fast GIF creation
Details of the GD (GIF drawing) package by Thomas Boutell that is very useful in CGI programs for generating images on-the-fly. Extensively used in nearly every web page counter program in the world!
* How to write Perl & CGI scripts you can reuse.
An article from NetscapeWorld on writing reusable, dynamically configurable CGI code.
* Perl Regexp for URLs
Regular expressions to match URL strings - frequently required in a Perl / CGI program.
* Security in CGI (Server) Scripts
The section of the World Wide Web Security FAQ dealing with general CGI script topics.
* Safe CGI Programming
The CGI security FAQ maintained by Paul Phillips.
* FastCGI Home
Open Market's home page for FastCGI, including download of free Development Kits for use on most of the popular web servers.
* FastCGI Specification
Defines the interface between a FastCGI application and a Web server that supports FastCGI. Not really necessary for just writing applications, but useful to have around occasionally.
* The FastCGI FAQ
Open Market's FAQ about FastCGI, including how to get started.
* Integrating FastCGI with Java
How to write FastCGI applications in Java using Open Market's free Development Kit.
* Matt's Script Archive
Some very good CGI scripts (mostly written in Perl) available for free download.
* The CGI Resource Index
Listing of lots of CGI resources, including programs & scripts, documentation, books, articles, programmers and jobs.
* FreeCode
The FreeCode software archive - lots of CGI and web program source code available free for personal and commercial use.
* CGI.h - CGI programming in C++
CGI.h is a C++ header file which facilitates the creation of CGI programs in C++. This file defines a CGI class and contains methods to access the resulting CGI object in a manner very similar to Perl 5's CGI.pm.
* More Examples of Scripts Created with CGI.pm
Code samples for doing some more advanced things with CGI scripts using the CGI.pm Perl module. Examples include:
* Source code examples from "The Official Guide to CGI.pm" book
CGI code samples Lincoln Stein's book about using the CGI.pm Perl module.
Examples include:
* WAI: A distributed CGI?
WAI (Web Application Interface) is Netscape's latest attempt at designing a more efficient alternative to CGI. This developer.com article provides a review of how they got on, and what it could mean for your development efforts.
* How to write WAI services
Web Application Interface (WAI) is Netscape's new technology for communicating and interfacing with web servers which is more-efficient than CGI. WAI is distributed and language-neutral due to it being based on CORBA. Code examples are in Java.
* FAQ Manager
This Perl script takes makes it easy to prepare FAQ pages. It allows you to modify any existing FAQs by adding / deleting entries.
* The Apache/Perl Integration Project
Home page for The Apache/Perl integration project (aka mod_perl) This project brings together the full power of the Perl programming language and the Apache HTTP server. With mod_perl it is possible to write Apache modules entirely in Perl. In addition, the persistent interpreter embedded in the server avoids the overhead of starting an external interpreter and the penalty of Perl start-up time.
A must for high performance CGI's.

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