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Web Development : Dynamic Web Page Generation

The next big step in the generation of Internet content - Just-In-Time generation of web page contents using the most up-to-the minute information.
A concept being heavily promoted by Microsoft through it's Active Server Pages (ASP) system, although it is equally possible using CGI and Perl.
>PHP - Hypertext Preprocessor
 - PHP is a server-side scripting technology for building dynamic web pages.

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* Dynamic Page Languages
An article from ApacheWeek discussing the various options for generating dynamic pages - including SSI, CGI, FastCGI, Meta-HTML, NeoScript, etc.
* Active Server Pages Overview
Some details about Microsoft's Active Server Page (ASP) system - an application environment (similar to server-side includes) which you can combine HTML, scripts and ActiveX server components to create dynamic web-based solutions.
* What is Active Server Pages ?
A short description of Microsoft's Active Server Page (ASP) system.
* Active Server Pages FAQ
Some frequently asked questions about Active Server Pages (ASP).
* Getting started with dynamic HTML
Looks at the various methods of creating dynamic HTML pages, viewed from both the browser and server viewpoints.
* Adding dynamic content for multiple browsers & versions
Covers the tricky subject of how to exploit the new Dynamic HTML technology introduced in the latest versions of Netscape and Internet Explorer browsers, yet still deliver pages that are viewable by older versions of the browsers. Includes 7 rules for browser-friendly scripts.
* W3-mSQL
w3-msql is an interface between a web server and mSQL which can be used to greatly simplify the use of a Mini SQL database to generate dynamic web pages.
* Sites That Are Really Programs
by Philip Greenspun. A summary of the various technologies for doing Server-side dynamic page generation. Provides a cautionary note on how making the wrong technology decisions can result in a site that requires ten times the computer hardware to support it!

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