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Web Development : Web Page Production

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^Web Development

* Rules for Good Web pages
Some straight forward guidelines for producing good web pages that are "Bandwidth-Friendly"
* The Golden Rectangle
One of the most important aspects to bear in mind when designing web pages.
* How to put information on the web
Some guidelines from W3C for budding web authors back in the "old days" - 1995 actually!
* www.WebTechniques.com
Web Techniques magazine, with selected articles reproduced from the printed version, and downloadable source code from all articles.
* webreference.com
Large library of WWW reference materials.
* Effective interactive Web design
Discusses the key concepts that are fundamental to the success of any interactive Web page or site. Some sound advice for good web design.
* IBM HCI Guidelines for Web Design
Guidelines and principles to follow when designing web sites or internet application user interfaces.
* ReallyBig.com
A large links site with resources for web builders including free clipart, counters, html, java, animation, backgrounds, icons, wysiwyg editors, buttons, photographs, site promotion, and more.
* tkHTML
tkHTML is a simple HTML editor based on the Tcl script language and the Tk toolkit for X11. It allows quick composition and editing of HTML-format documents, as well as a rapid way of converting existing text documents to the HTML format, and WYSIWYG Previewing.
* Webmaster Resources
Articles about website design and promotion, reviews of software and services for webmasters, a weekly newsletter, and organized links to over 1000 free resources to help webmasters build, promote an maintain a successful website.
* Netscape's Home Page - A Design Exercise
A look at how Netscape performed it's home page redesign, the requirements it had, and how it addressed them.
* Dynamic HTML and Older Browsers - What to do?
A look at how Netscape handled the use of Dynamic HTML on it's new home page, while making it compatible with older browser versions.
* Producing the User-Centric Web Site.
When designing your Web site and developing its content, remember that you need to keep in mind at least one of three important audiences: passing visitors, purchasers, and existing customers. Each of these groups has different interests in what your site has to offer, and you need to consider them in determining your site's objectives.
* Worth the Wait?
A very practical look at the inherent delays involved in accessing web pages, and what the page author can do to reduce these. Also describes some work undertaken that shows two key values web authors should consider - 200 milliseconds and 8.5 seconds. Read the article to understand why these numbers are so important for web designers!
* Netscape's Color Picker
The Color Picker allows you to easily convert back and forth between Hex values and RGB values, pick the color you want by dragging the colored bars to adjust the red, green, and blue values, and (possibly most importantly!) you can lock to Web-safe values, so that you know the colors you pick will show up identically on all browsers and all color monitors.
* Getting Ready for Internet Explorer 5: Tips for Web Site Authors
A quick reference guide to IE5 for Internet Content Providers, procviding a summary of the key things you should be thinking about to prepare your Web sites to take advantage of the new release of Internet Explorer.
* Book: Web Design in a Nutshell
Web Design in a Nutshell contains detailed information on everything you need to know to design Web pages. Provides a complete reference for HTML 4.0 tags (including tables, frames, and Cascading Style Sheets) with special attention given to browser support and platform idiosyncrasies.
Buy it TODAY from Amazon Worldwide/U.S.A. or U.K.
* Tableless Layout using CSS
This article covers how to use Macromedia Dreamweaver MX to design and lay out a page using CSS without the use of HTML tables.
* CSS and Netscape 4.xx Issues
MaKo has a good reference on her CSS Know-How Site which explains how to create a second style sheet to get around Netscape 4's issues.
* Hiding CSS from Netscape 4
Hide CSS from Netscape 4 by using a single style sheet method that employs some "creative commenting" that Netscape doesn't understand, as explained by Caio Chassot.
* CSS Master Compatibility Chart
WebReview.com's Style Sheet Reference Guide and Master Compatibility Chart lists every aspect of the CSS spec and identifying how well it is supported by Netscape and Internet Explorer and Opera.
* Index DOT Css - The Advanced CSS Resource
The Index Dot Html and Css sites are meant to be repositories and references for technical information about the HTML and CSS languages. Index DOT Html covers the elements, attributes and the popular browsers that support them. Index DOT Css covers CSS syntax, properties, the popular browsers that support them, as well the zillion or so miscellaneous bits that make CSS such a wonderful boon/headache for authors. These references are not meant to replace any of the official references put forth by the W3C or its member companies, it is rather meant to collect all of the far-flung resources into a single, hopefully coherent whole.
* W3C CSS Validation Service
Validator a Cascade Style Sheets, either be providing a URL for the current location of the CSS file on the web, or by pasting the CSS into a text area, or upload the CSS file as part of the request.
* Internet Feng Shui
Feng shui in web design terms involves aligning web pages, and the user's experience of navigating the whole website, in ways which will maximise the flow of positive ch'i.

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