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XML : RDF - Resource Description Format

An emerging XML-based standard for describing web-site content and resources.

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^XML - eXtensible Markup Language
>XML Applications and Uses
>XML Standard and Specifications

* Resource Description Framework (RDF)
Home page for the Resource Description Framework (RDF) at w3c. RDF is an XML-based scheme designed to provide an infrastructure to support metadata across many web-based activities. Example applications include sitemaps, content ratings, stream channel definitions, search engine data collection (web crawling), digital library collections, and distributed authoring.
* Deploying MetaData Representations of Web Content
A Netscape TechNote explaining metadata and how to use it to build a Web sitemap. It provides an introduction to metadata, and provides an overview of the syntax of various metadata approaches. It also looks at the process and mind-set needed to generate a useful sitemap, and why this requires some human intervention and thought processes beyond a simple "link-crawler" approach.
* RDF-DEV Mailing List
Home page info and archive of the RDF-DEV mailing list devoted to the practical application of RDF (Resource Description Framework), particularly on the application of RDF to Internet resource discovery issues.
* Information and Content Exchange (ICE) Protocol
The Information and Content Exchange protocol is based on XML, and will be used by content syndicators and their subscribers to be useful in automating content exchange and reuse, both in traditional publishing contexts and in business-to-business exchanges. The ICE protocol defines the roles and responsibilities of syndicators and subscribers, defines the format and method of content exchange, and provides support for management and control of syndication relationships.
* Content-X.com - ICE information source
Content-X is a news and discussion site for web publishers interested in Vignette Corporation's Information & Content Exchange (ICE) protocol (now a W3C NOTE). ICE is an exciting new standard designed to automate the exchange of digital assets between businesses.
* Resource Description Framework (RDF) Model and Syntax specification
The official World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standard for the RDF data model and syntax specification.
* SiRPAC - Simple RDF Parser & Compiler
A program from W3C to compile RDF/XML documents into the 3-tuples of the corresponding RDF data model. Suitable for embedded use as well as command line use.
* Using RSS News Feeds
The Rich Site Summary (RSS) format, previously known as the RDF Site Summary, has quietly become the dominant format for distributing news headlines on the Web.
* RSS Quick Start Guide
A quick start guide to RSS (Rich Site Summary) used for the My Netscape Network (MNN) website.
* Meerkat: An Open Wire Service
Meerkat is a Web-based syndicated content reader. It is based on Rich Site Summary (RSS), an XML specification used for distributing news, product announcements, discussion threads, and other assorted content as channels. Meerkat provides a simple interface to these stories. While maintaining the original association of a story with a channel, Meerkat's focus is on chronological order -- the latest stories float to the top, regardless of their source.
* SiRPAC - Simple RDF Parser & Compiler
SiRPAC is a set of Java classes that can parse RDF/XML documents into the 3-tuples of the corresponding RDF data model. The documents can reside on local file system or at a URI on the Web. Also, the parser can be configured to automatically fetch corresponding RDF schemas from the declared namespaces.
SiRPAC is suitable for embedded use as well as command line use.
SiRPAC builds on top of the Simple API to XML documents (SAX).
* Using RDF with SOAP
This article examines ways that SOAP can be used to communicate information in RDF models. It discusses ways of translating the fundamental data in RDF models to the SOAP encoding for PC-like exchange, or for directly passing parts of the model in RDF/XML serialized form.
* Book: Professional XML Meta Data
If you need to know about the latest XML metadata technologies, including concepts like the Semantic Web and machine readable metadata, this is the book you need. It is very useful in explaining RDF (there are three excellent chapters on RDF) and Topic Maps, which are potentially difficult subjects to understand. The book also has a useful chapter on extracting metadata from databases, and suggests some interesting uses for metadata in the future.
Buy it TODAY from Amazon Worldwide/U.S.A. or U.K.
* IsaViz: A Visual Authoring Tool for RDF
IsaViz is a visual environment for browsing and authoring RDF models represented as graphs. It features:
* jena semantic web toolkit
Jena is an open source java API and toolkit from HP Labs for manipulating RDF models.
* RSS Validator
This is a validator for RSS feeds. It works with RSS 0.91, 0.92, 0.93, 0.94, 1.0, and 2.0, but it is optimized for RSS 2.0 feeds.
* RSS v2.0 Specification
The specification for RSS v2.0 - a web syndication format.
* Waypath Project
The Waypath Project is an attempt to network the weblog community, connecting weblogs that share common themes, ideas, and topics.
* DAML - DARPA Agent Markup Language
The DAML language is being developed as an extension to XML and the Resource Description Framework (RDF). The result is a ontology language for expressing far more sophisticated classifications and properties of resources than is possible with RDF Schema.
* DAML Roadmap
The DAML roadmap attempts to provide a guided introduction for new users, including an ordered suggested reading lists for different user communities.
* DAML Services
DAML Services (DAML-S) is a DAML-based Web service ontology, which supplies Web service providers with a core set of markup language constructs for describing the properties and capabilities of their Web services in unambiguous, computer-intepretable form. DAML-S markup of Web services will facilitate the automation of Web service tasks, including automated Web service discovery, execution, composition and interoperation.
The Ontology Inference Layer (OIL) is a proposal for a web-based representation and inference layer for ontologies, which combines the widely used modelling primitives from frame-based languages with the formal semantics and reasoning services provided by description logics. It is compatible with RDF Schema (RDFS), and includes a precise semantics for describing term meanings (and thus also for describing implied information).
OIL presents a layered approach to a standard ontology language. Each additional layer adds functionality and complexity to the previous layer. This is done such that agents (humans or machines) who can only process a lower layer can still partially understand ontologies that are expressed in any of the higher layers.
* NetNewsWire
NetNewsWire is an easy-to-use RSS news reader for the Mac. It presents a familiar three-paned interface—like that of Outlook Express or Mailsmith—to display websites and their news.
* NewzCrawler
NewzCrawler is a PC program that gathers news content from each source channel and displays them in different views: scrolling list, News Balloon and News Ticker. NewzCrawler features a MS Outlook Express-like user interface, support for many back-end headline syndication files formats and embedded web browser for extra fast news surfing.
* Extending RSS 2.0 With Namespaces
A primer by Keven Hemenway on how to extend RSS 2.0 with namespaces.

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