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XML : XML Standard and Specifications

Standard documents and specifications for XML (the eXtensible Markup Language)

See Also:
^XML - eXtensible Markup Language
>XML - eXtensible Markup Language
>XML Applications and Uses

* W3C's Extensible Markup Language (XML) Reference Page
The "official" home page of the XML standard
* Extensible Markup Language (XML) 1.0 Specification
The official W3C standards document and specification for XML.
* The Annotated XML Specification
An innovative example of the use of XML to provide annotation to the XML standards document itself. It's also a useful way to view the spec document itself!
* Resolving Formal Public Identifiers
This is a pilot service to resolve a Formal Public Identifier (FPI) as used in SGML and return the Public Text represented by it. FPIs are used in the DOCTYPE declarations of SGML files (including HTML and XML) to identify the Document Type Definition (DTD) in a formal manner.
* TRaX (Transformations for XML) API
The home of the TRaX (Transformations for XML) API for processors that implement XML tree transformations, and the XML Serialize API, which defines an interface for serialization for SAX events and DOM trees. TRaX defines an interface for processing transformation instructions, performing tree transformations via a transformer, and sending the result to SAX handlers, and interfacing to a Serializer if needed. While this interface is modeled on an XSLT processor, it should be generic enough to use with many types of transformations besides XSLT.
* XML Protocol Comparisons
A W3C document comparing and contrasting a variety of XML protocols.
* XML Distributed Applications mailing list
This forum is for discussion of XML in distributed applications, network protocols, and messaging systems.
* Lightweight Protocols -- LWProtocols.org
This site is intended as a clearinghouse for information about distributed computing architectures that are more structured than telnet command protocols or CGIs but less complex or heavy than CORBA or DCOM. The term 'lightweight' in this context refers to both how easy it is for a user to begin using the architecture as well as how easy it is for implementors to get started in development and quickly produce working code.
* XML Protocol Working Group Charter
Chapter document for the W3C XML Protocol Working Group.

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