- XSL - eXtensible Stylesheet Language

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XML : XSL - eXtensible Stylesheet Language

The emerging standard for the way to format and present XML data.

See Also:
^XML - eXtensible Markup Language
>XML Applications and Uses

* W3C XSL Home Page
The home page for XSL (eXtensible Style Language) technologies and standards at the W3C.
* An introduction to XML and XSL
An article from developer.com about how the emerging XSL (eXtensible Style Language) standard facilities can be used to specify the appearance of XML documents.
* Microsoft's XSL Tutorial
A tutorial will show you how XSL works, how to write XSL stylesheets, and what features are provided by the Microsoft XSL Processor.
* docproc
docproc is a software package that provides processing and layout of XML documents based on XSL scripts. docproc is written in Java, and can be used as a server-side preparser for serving XML documents on the web.
* The Microsoft XSL Processor
Download the Technology Preview of Microsoft's extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) tool for presenting XML data.
* TML : Template Resolution in XML/HTML
This paper describes a framework for applying templates to applications and documents on the Web. The primary motivation is the need of Web application developers to separate program logic from presentation logic. The Template Markup Language (TML) is an application of XML which defines a generic and flexible set of template markup elements, while TRiX (Template Resolution in XML/HTML) is a extensible framework for processing TML.
* Jade - James' DSSSL Engine
Jade is an implementation of the DSSSL style language (Document Style Semantics and Specification Language) - ie. a way of formatting XML data for presentation in the similar way that XSL does.
* LotusXSL
LotusXSL is another of IBM's AlphaWorks development products that implements an XSL processor in Java for formatting and transforming XML data. It can also interface to APIs that conform to the Document Object Model (DOM) Level 1 Specification.
* XSL Trace
XSL Trace allows you to step through XSL scripts and shows you the transformation rules as they are created and the XML or HTML as it is generated.
* Book: The XSL Companion: Styling XML Documents
Much of the industry hype over XML has focused on its ability to define data in a system-independent way, but excitement is growing over XSLT, the real magic worker that will play an increasingly important role as XML begins to take hold. This book recognizes that the most impressive part of the XML revolution will be the flexibility the core technologies provide to mold and shape information. It explores XSLT and XSL in depth, illustrating how they can be used to reformat and reorganize said information. If you're already familiar with XML and looking to take your skills to the next level, this title provides the techniques you need to transform and format data expertly.
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